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Kellie Rowland

“Kellie recently sold my home of 17 years. Beyond selling it within 2 days and at well over asking price, Kellie kept me apprised of all matters involving the sale, from acceptance of the offer through the closing. I never once had to ask what, when, or where. As the owner of a large contracting company, I can only hope that all we work with are as conscientious, friendly, and professional as Kellie was in the handling of the sale of my home. Way to go Kellie!”  

~David I


“Kellie is an amazing Agent! When I first met her, I wasn’t ready to sell but she took the time to advise me on what I needed to do to prepare my home for sale to get the highest return on investment. I was impressed by her friendly demeanor, market knowledge, and strong approach. Kellie is a woman of her word and goes the extra mile for her clients. She is also patient and an absolute joy to be around. Anyone I needed–she connected me with–lenders, attorneys, interior designer, landscapers, electricians, and other local vendors. Selling can be a very stressful process but I felt good knowing that Kellie was on top of everything and representing me well. I highly recommend her to anyone considering selling in Dedham and surrounding towns.”

~Grace B


“Kellie handled everything with professionalism, knowledge and efficiency throughout this entire process from beginning to end. I was at ease knowing she was handling things on her end, on behalf of me and the home I was purchasing. She was always just a phone call away when I needed her advice or to answer a few questions that I had.”

~Denise B


Exceptional Service.  Outstanding Results.

Meet Kellie

Real Estate professional, Kellie Rowland has the effortless ability to combine a warm, calming personality, and skilled tenacity in pursuit of her clients’ goals. Her high-touch approach and get-it-done attitude have made Kellie a trusted advisor for everyone. Whether it be a luxury listing, helping a first-time homebuyer or seasoned investor, Kellie prides herself on her unparalleled service. Kellie is meticulous, confident, and her infectious enthusiasm for life and her work is evident to all who meet her.

A native to Massachusetts, Kellie has lived all over Boston and the burbs’ from Beacon Hill  to her hometown of Dedham. Growing up the daughter of one of the most successful restauranteurs in New Hampshire state, Kellie was introduced to the business world at a very early age. Shortly after graduating from Suffolk University, she went to work for her father, acquiring a wealth of knowledge and a steadfast work ethic. When she was young, her family purchased several investment properties that have provided passive income and have tripled in value over the years. Because of this, Kellie learned the immense opportunities to add value as a real estate owner and as a licensed agent. She eventually transitioned into a career in residential real estate and has since never looked back.

Prior to becoming a Realtor, Kellie worked as a Paralegal in a family law firm and later
supported in house counsel at Raytheon, the nation’s leading defense contracting company.
Having spent several years in the legal field, Kellie always shows compassion and truly
understands the art of listening and value of discretion throughout all stages of the buying and selling process. “Real Estate is more than a transaction, it’s about building lasting relationships with clients, always having their best interests while having a bit of fun along the way! Their satisfaction is my bottom line.” Kellie is known for being honest and perseverant. Her commitment to integrity and the love of the business uniquely qualify her to represent clients in the sale or purchase of real estate in Boston and beyond.

Kellie is an avid supporter of small businesses and organizations that support first responders, active military service members, and veterans. While expanding her business and taking on more projects, Kellie strives to maintain a work-life balance by spending time with her family and friends, her most valued asset.

Discover a place you can lose yourself

We understand that buying a home is a big investment, likely one of the biggest you will ever make. The first thing we do when working with buyers is have an in depth conversation about all the aspects of a home that are important to you, from location, accessibility to schools and public transportation, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you desire, and above all else what you are looking to get out of your home. Our goal is to work together to establish a clear understanding of what you’re looking for in order to guide you home. Based on the needs we uncover, we then begin to present you with any homes, both listed for sale as well as off-market opportunities, that we believe would best fit your criteria. As real estate professionals, we place great importance on any feedback we receive from our buyer clients throughout the home search, and actively tailor our inquiry accordingly. Throughout the process of working with buyer clients, we diligently work behind the scenes to stay on top of any changes in your marketplace, and study comparable homes based on your search criteria, allowing us to keep you educated so you can feel confident in making informed decisions about buying your next home. We stay up to date on changes happening in the real estate market, so we can be certain you’re always getting the most for your money when buying a home. 



A Proven Approach to Helping Buyers Acquire

“The One”



A Proven Approach to Selling

Your Home

The first thing we do when working with Sellers is we visit your home and begin to create a narrative for your property. We want to tell an authentic story, through marketing, advertising, pictures, videos etc. that will be enticing to potential buyers. Based on the narrative that we come up with for your home, we then uncover who the ideal buyer will be for your home, and we create a buyer profile to better understand who your potential buyer may be. Based on the buyer profile we establish, we then create a custom marketing plan for your home to capture the now-identified ideal buyer. Our experienced photographer then comes into your home to capture the essence of your property through beautiful, high quality images and videos. This piece is vital in complimenting the narrative we create for your home. Additionally, we provide staging services to add furniture and decor that will compliment the space. Your home is then strategically marketed to target our preferred audience through a number of platforms including social media, press, the multiple listing service, and our international partners. Throughout the process of selling your home, we make it a priority to consistently update you of any potential leads, feedback from buyer prospects, and any alterations to the course of action we take in our proven sales approach.